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Worth-it' blogs EP#2: Hardtail Hitters


Before we go too deep into hardtails and how they can improve your riding, let’s talk about “under-biking”. “Under-biking” is the practice of riding terrain more challenging than what the bike was originally designed for. For example, riding a Crosscountry bike down a technical enduro track, or a Cyclocross bike on an XC descent.


Riding a bike that is out of its depth or capabilities means the rider needs to rely on their own skills to ride tough tracks. This is where the humble hardtail mountain bike comes into the conversation. 

Because hardtails lack rear suspension, it teaches riders to use their body language to control the bike more and choose smoother lines for the bike to remain settled. Hardtails require more body language to pick up the bike over obstacles or push through compressions. Riders who use their body to absorb the terrain and move the bike will always ride better than those who rely on the bike to do the work. 


Hardtails also encourage riders to pick the smoothest line with less resistance. This teaches riders to be efficient and manage their energy in the most effective way possible, allowing them to ride harder for longer. The path of least resistance isn’t always the line without features, it often involves riders jumping over obstacles instead of plowing through them. 

Cross country riders or commuters prefer hardtails due to their enhanced pedaling efficiency and lighter weight. Because there is no rear suspension to zap any pedaling power, hardtails accelerate up hills with ease. Again, due to the lack of a rear shock and linkages, hardtails are a lot lighter than their dual-suspension counterparts. This means it is easier for riders to pedal up hills and maneuver on the way down.


Simplicity is the big keyword when it comes to hardtail mountain bikes. Thanks to the reduced complexity, hardtails require less maintenance and will encourage more riding. There is less to fuss around with for setup and the bike will always ride the same no matter the conditions. With more simple frame technology, the frames cost less so they often arrive with better components. 

If you are looking for a bike at an amazing value that will take your riding to the next level, check out our full range of hardtails now. 




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