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All-road bikes are perfect for people who want one road bike that does it all. —Ideal for riders who want to jump on the bike and ride with no destination.

All-Road Bikes

Ideal Rider. Riders who want a bike they can ride anywhere with speed and efficiency. All-road bikes are set up for comfort while exploring the hills and when you don't know the condition of the roads. Wider tyres provide comfort as well as more traction when the going gets rough. If you just want to hop on your bike and ride until your heart's content, check out Bikes Online's range of All-Road bikes for sale now.

Ideal Terrain. All-road bikes are designed to be ridden on all types of terrain. They glide easily along the smooth tarmac, absorb the cracks on a rough road or can take on a sandy gravel road you weren't planning on riding. They are bikes built to be ridden on rides where surprises may arise. If you just want to hop on your bike and ride until your heart's content, check out Bikes Online's range of All-Road bikes for sale now.

Specifications. 28-40mm tyres, disc brakes, and drivetrains with a mid-range gear spread provide riders with a comfortable, reliable and safe ride wherever they decide to explore. Unlike gravel and adventure bikes, All-Road bikes have smooth tyres without any knobs. The softer yet larger tyre allows minimal rolling resistance for increased speed and efficiency. At the same time, the bigger air volume provides comfort.

Brakes. Disc brakes are simple to use, have very low maintenance and provide tonnes of power. All-Road bikes are perfect for riders who want to mix performance and comfort. The ideal style of bike for people just looking to ride, explore, and enjoy being on the bike. Thanks to the powerful disc brakes, you can be assured extra safety for those commutes into work or descending a fast, flowy descent for the first time.

Drivetrains. All-road bikes often use 2X wide drivetrains to optimise pedalling efficiency and climb up the steepest climbs. All-Road bikes are perfect for those who just want a bike to ride. A bike that does everything possible, from exploring on the weekend to commuting during the week.

Browse our collection to explore your options. If you have questions, be sure to ask our knowledgeable service staff via email, phone or live chat, and we will get you on the right bike for your riding.

All-road bikes from BikesOnline are your gateway to the perfect ride for all kinds of roads, adventures, and cyclists. BikesOnline is the best place to start searching for top-level versatility, performance, and speed in an all-round road bike. Our all-road bikes redefine the cycling experience, offering seamless traction and comfort. Let's dive into the world of all-round road bikes, where the journey is as thrilling as the destination.

Unleash Your Potential with an All-Road Bike

Experience the true freedom of our all-road bikes as you cycle across all different terrains. From busy city streets where speed and performance are paramount to challenging gravel paths where you need exceptional responsiveness, our performance road bikes are designed to excel in every situation. These all-road bikes are an efficient form of transport, as they unlock endless and exciting cycling adventures that satisfy your cycling preferences. Our all-road bikes are designed to be adaptable, so whether you're commuting, exploring, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, these bikes will seamlessly fit your cycling goals.

The Allure of All-Road Biking Terrain

Our all-road bikes maintain a design that effortlessly navigates a wide range of terrain, from smooth urban streets to rugged off-road trekking with varying degrees of difficulty. The versatility of all-road bikes makes them the best choice if you want one single bike that can handle various conditions. The magic of all-round road bikes is in their construction. They combine the best on-road and offroad capacity, with wide tyres stabilising uneven surfaces and a lightweight frame that allows you to manoeuvre through urban landscapes easily. Whether you're a commuter or a gravel enthusiast, you'll love the ability to glide effortlessly over sealed roads, weaving through traffic and turning your commute into an enjoyable and seamless experience.

Explore Our All-Road Bike Collection

Search our carefully selected range of the best all-road bikes, where each model stands out for its precision and performance. From the Marin to the Polygon, we have the best all-round road bikes, ensuring you find a great fit for your cycling needs. Marin bikes have become common in top-class mountain biking and gravel-racing competitions. Marin's bikes are made with the best materials, including high-quality carbon, aluminium, and steel parts. On the other hand, Polygon has fantastic specifications for its modest price range and can descend rough trails. Our all-road bikes surpass rider preferences, encompassing the terrain you wish to explore. Whether you're zipping through metro streets, traversing dirt trails, or exploring the countryside, our bikes are designed to accompany you wherever you want to go.

Why Choose BikesOnline?

BikesOnline is committed to offering factory-direct pricing beyond a single shopping experience. Our "Cycling is for everyone" philosophy is more than just a slogan, it reflects our belief that the pleasure of cycling should be available to all riders of all ages and skill levels. When you choose to ride with us, you join a community of cycling enthusiasts who share the same passion for open roads, the excitement of exploring, and the freedom of cycling in places that cars just can't go. In addition to offering the best all-road bikes, we have a wide selection of bike helmets, cycling jerseys, cycling shorts and cycling shoes. Join us today and let BikesOnline be the driving force behind your cycling journey.

Your Adventure Starts Here with BikesOnline

As you browse our wide range of top all-road bicycles at competitive factory-direct prices, you'll want us to become your go-to cycling partner, tailor-made for you and your friends. Find the best all-around road bike value on the market at BikesOnline, your one-stop shop for quality cycling adventures!