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Flat Bar Road Bikes
Flat Bar Road Bikes

Flat Bar Road Bikes are perfect for riders who are looking for comfort and simplicity with the efficiency of a road bike.

Flat Bar Road Bikes

Ideal rider. Riders who seek comfort and simplicity while retaining optimum efficiency. Flat Bar road bikes use simple brake levers and shifters for ease of use. The handlebars and head tube are taller to raise you up into a relaxed riding position. Our Flat Bar Road bikes are equipped with high-volume tyres, ergonomic grips and saddle to keep the road vibrations separated from the rider. Frames are rigid to keep the weight down and efficiency up. If you are looking for a light, fun and spritely bike that retains some comfort, these bikes will exceed your expectations.

Ideal Terrain. Our Flat Bar Road Bikes are equipped with slick tyres and light wheels for optimal speed. They excel on smooth tarmac, bike paths and light gravel. Disc brakes give riders optimal stopping power while retaining excellent control so riders don’t lose traction. These bikes are designed to make every commute, cruise along the river and weekend road ride a joy.

Frame Material. Flat Bar road bikes can come with carbon fibre and alloy frames but alloy is more common to keep prices low. Alloy bikes are also more durable and robust so are often more suitable for the abuse of everyday commuting. Higher-end Flat Bar road bikes are usually equipped with carbon forks due to their vibration-dampening properties and lighter weight.

Drivetrain. To mimic their drop bar siblings, Flat Bar Road bikes are often specced with lightweight drive trains. They use close gear ratios to ensure riders can maintain an effective cadence without the need to excessively change gears. The gearing includes an easy gear to ensure riders can climb up the steepest hills. There are also enough gears to provide riders with the opportunity to hit maximum speed with ease.

Wheels. Wheels are often designed to balance lightweight efficiency with strength and durability so riders can sprint away from the lights or climb the mountains without worrying about rough patches of road. The rims are slightly wider than a performance road bike to accommodate bigger tyres and enhance their stiffness.

Cockpit. Flat Bar road bikes use a straight handlebar to improve simplicity and comfort. These handlebars use straight brake levers and easy-to-use trigger shifters. Riders are able to brake, shift gears and control their bike without ever moving their hands on the bars.

Enjoy Your Daily Adventures on a Flat Bar Road Bike

BikesOnline offers a range of flat bar road bikes for riders looking for comfort and ease with the efficiency of a racing bike. Flat bar road bikes are ideal for fitness, daily commuting and weekend cruising, offering a versatile combination of comfort, simplicity, and efficiency. These adaptable two-wheelers can provide an enjoyable riding experience for a wide range of cyclists. Explore the collection of flat bar road bikes at BikesOnline and discover endless cycling opportunities. With our selection of renowned brands, like Marin and Polygon, you can ride with confidence, knowing you've invested in the best.

Comfortable and effortless cycling with flat bar road bikes

Flat bar bikes are engineered to provide you with an exceptional riding experience. Mixing the speed of a road bike with the more comfortable upright position for meeting your weekday fitness goals, flat bar road bikes feature disc brakes that ensure all-condition stopping power. They're the perfect companions for riders who prefer a relaxed riding position while maintaining optimum efficiency. Featuring straight handlebars, simple brake levers, and lightweight wheels, these road bikes are incredibly easy to control, ensuring an enjoyable ride every time.

Comfort-Oriented Design

One of the standout features of flat bar road bikes is their taller handlebars and head tube, which raise your shoulders into a relaxed riding position. This ergonomic design reduces strain on your back and neck, allowing you to enjoy longer rides comfortably.

Additionally, the straight handlebar provides you with a comfortable grip and a natural hand position. You'll find brake levers and easy-to-use trigger shifters at your fingertips, allowing you to brake, shift gears, and steer without ever having to move your hands on the bars. This user-friendly setup helps to enhance confidence and control while riding.

Versatile Wheels

Flat bar road bikes are versatile two-wheel machines that excel on various surfaces. Equipped with slick tyres for maximum traction and lightweight wheel frames, they are perfect for achieving optimal speed on smooth tarmac, paved paths, and even light gravel roads. Disc brakes ensure you have the stopping power you need while maintaining excellent control, so you never have to worry about losing traction during your rides.

In addition, the rims on these bikes are slightly wider than those on traditional performance road bikes, allowing you to have larger tyres. This design not only enhances tyre stiffness but also offers increased comfort, manoeuvrability, and stability.

Durable Frames

Flat bar road bikes come in both carbon fibre and alloy frame materials. While carbon fibre is a lightweight and premium choice, alloy frames are more common due to their cost-effectiveness and durability. They can handle the rigours of everyday commuting and are known for their strength.

However, many higher-end flat bar road bikes feature carbon forks, which offer vibration-dampening properties and further reduce the bike's overall weight. With such a multi-material construction, these bikes ensure a lightweight, comfortable, and sturdy ride, whatever the setting.

Why Choose a Flat Bar Road Bike?

Owning a flat bar bike can significantly enhance your cycling experience, providing many benefits:

  • Comfort: Flat bar road bikes offer a more relaxed and upright posture, making long rides more enjoyable.
  • Simplicity: The straightforward design of these bikes ensures you can focus on the joy of riding rather than complex gear changes or brake manoeuvres.
  • Versatility: Whether you're navigating through city traffic, taking leisurely rides along scenic bike paths, or exploring new routes in the countryside, flat bar road bikes are versatile companions that excel in various riding scenarios.
  • Efficiency: With lightweight frames, reliable drivetrains, and performance wheels, you can achieve maximum speed and maintain it effortlessly, enhancing your overall riding efficiency.
  • Fun: Flat bar bikes are designed to make cycling a fun and exciting experience. You'll find yourself eagerly looking forward to your next ride, whether it's for fitness or leisure.

The Best Flat Bar Road Bikes at BikesOnline Australia

BikesOnline offers an extensive selection of flat bar road bikes tailored to your preferences and needs. With our commitment to quality and outstanding service, we're here to help you find the perfect bike, and our user-friendly website shopping platform intuitively guides you through the steps to find an outstanding bike to suit your purposes perfectly. From urban commuters to gravel explorers, our bikes are some of the best in Australia.

Jump on this opportunity to enjoy a comfortable, efficient, and fun cycling adventure. Become a flat bar road bike enthusiast with BikesOnline and ride more for less.