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Hybrid Bikes are bred to offer riders the perfect blend of Mountain Bikes and Flat Bar Road Bikes.

Gravel Hybrid Bikes

Ideal Rider. Riders who want a simple and cost-effective way to begin exploring by Bicycle will love Hybrid Bikes. Optimised to enhance anyone's ride on any terrain, Hybrid Bikes are built for anything. Geared to challenge any hill, ride along the rivers or get you to work with ease, these bikes are perfect for riders wanting to explore.

Ideal Terrain. Hybrids are designed to remain comfortable and enjoyable on all styles of terrain. Semi-slick tyres offer extra traction when turning on loose terrain while offering reduced rolling resistance on the tarmac. Suspension forks offer comfort when the ride gets rough, and the wheels are designed to take the abuse from commuting. These bikes are truly versatile and offer a pleasurable riding experience for anyone who throws a leg over.

Frame Material. Hybrids use Alloy Frames due to their lower cost and amazing durability. Alloy frames offer excellent reliability when hopping curbs, riding through the forest, or throwing on a bike rack.

Components. Hybrid bikes take a lot of inspiration from their Mountain Bike counterparts. The drive train is optimised to provide riders with a gear easy enough to climb any mountain. Disc Brakes offer amazing power and modulation on loose surfaces. Hybrid wheels are Light yet strong to enhance efficiency while remaining reliable. Suspension Forks help separate the bumps from your hands to enhance comfort.

Geometry. Hybrid Bikes are designed to place a rider in the most comfortable riding position possible. They have tall front ends to keep your chest up, and the riderless leant over the bars. This position relieves pressure on the rider's hands and helps alleviate any lower back pain. Hybrids are also designed to remain stable at speed or over the rough stuff. Extra Stability means riders can relax and enjoy the ride as much as possible.