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Cross Country
Cross Country

Cross Country bikes are poised, ready to conquer the next climb, tackle that next epic ride or step onto the podium at your next race.

Cross Country Bikes

Ideal for. Riders who sprint off the start line, attack the climbs, or just want an extremely light agile bike. Cross Country Mountain Bikes leap forward when you put the power down off the start line, get out of the saddle on a steep climb, or sprint to the finish line. They are also perfect for exploring as far as you can imagine thanks to their efficiency and ability to maintain speed. The XC bike is for riders who are after pure speed, efficiency and agility.

Ideal Terrain. If you prioritise the climbs rather than wild downhill trails and enjoy traversing mountain ranges, then a cross country bike is for you. XC bikes are perfect for making tame trails more exciting thanks to their naturally playful ride characteristics. If you want to attack technical climbs, a light, stiff XC bike will make even the hardest climb enjoyable. Long undulating traverses through the hills become a dream; you can just pedal away and enjoy the ride.

Frame Geometry . Cross country mountain bikes are designed to be agile and spritely when climbing or sprinting off the start line. Steeper head angles and low front ends keep the front wheel down, making climbing a breeze. The front end is snappy for getting around tight switchbacks under power. A shorter wheelbase and front end make cross country bikes extremely maneuverable, so you can easily direct the bike exactly where you want it to go.

Frame Material. The frames are constructed using lightweight alloy or carbon fibre frames with short wheelbases and steep angles. Alloy frames are not often much heavier than the carbon fibre options. However, they have a stiffer ride quality overall which can result in a rough ride. Carbon fibre frames are constructed to provide lateral stiffness for power transfer but have vertical compliance to dampen feedback from the ground. Carbon frames are lighter, stiffer and offer more comfort; however, don't count out an aluminium frame if you are on a budget.

Wheel size. XC mountain bikes are usually equipped with 29-inch wheels due to the greater rollover and extra speed. Because cross country mountain bikes, including dual-suspension XC bikes, only have 100mm of travel, the 29-inch wheels help you to conquer bigger trail obstacles. They maintain extra momentum that provides increased stability as the wheels maintain their line better and are more efficient as riders don't need to work as hard to maintain speed.

Suspension. Cross Country bikes are often equipped with 90-110mm of suspension. They have the minimum amount of travel required for increased traction and comfort. At the same time, they use the maximum amount of suspension without compromising efficiency.

Components. Cross country bikes feature lightweight components to make them as easy to get up to speed as possible. Carbon bars, wheels, cranks and seat posts are common to see on XC bikes. While lightweight, they are not the strongest, so descending is best done with skill and finesse. Cross country mountain bikes are a great way to refine your riding skills.

Our Range. If you are looking for the best cross country or marathon bike, we are here to help you find the correct bike to suit your riding style at Bikes Online. If you need more information, don't hesitate to ask our experienced and knowledgeable staff via email, live chat or phone.

Cross-country bikes are poised, ready to conquer new trails, push your limits, and embark on thrilling outdoor adventures. Their lightweight construction, efficient design, and versatility make them ideal for various terrains. Check out our wide selection of the best value cross-country mountain bikes from respected brands like Polygon and Marin, available at BikesOnline Australia, and experience the thrill of the trails.

What Makes Cross-Country Mountain Bikes Special?

Cross-country (XC) mountain bikes are purpose-built machines designed to excel in a variety of terrain. Offering many exclusive features and benefits, they provide an exhilarating outdoor activity that challenges your endurance and skills while allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors. From lightweight frames to larger wheels, every component of these bikes makes them your trusted companions on the trails:

  • Lightweight design: Materials like aluminium, carbon fibre, or titanium used for cross-country mountain bike construction help keep the weight down.
  • Efficient geometry: The upright riding position aids in generating power during climbs, and a steeper head tube angle with a shorter wheelbase enhances control, especially on technical descents.
  • Front suspension: Equipped with front suspension forks offering around 100mm to 120mm of travel, XC bikes ensure comfort during long rides.
  • Fast-rolling tyres: Cross-country tyres have minimum rolling resistance, enabling you to sustain higher speeds on flatter and smoother trails.
  • Disc brakes: The reliable stopping power of the best-value cross-country mountain bikes offers excellent control, especially during technical descents.
  • Climbing ability: The combination of lightweight frames, efficient pedalling geometry, and appropriate gearing ensures you can tackle steep ascents with ease.
  • Versatility: Cross-country mountain bikes excel on smoother and less technical trails. However, they are versatile enough to handle long-distance rides, endurance races, and even some light trail riding.

Choosing the Best Cross-Country Mountain Bike

XC bikes are exceptional when it comes to speed, efficiency, and conquering climbs on smoother trails. They are your trusted companions for covering long distances and enjoying the thrill of an efficient ride. However, finding the perfect cross-country mountain bike for you can be a complex process, and there are several crucial factors to consider in your quest for the ideal ride:

  • Frame material: Decide whether you prefer an aluminium, carbon fibre, or titanium frame. Carbon fibre is known for its lightweight and stiffness, but it can require a bigger investment. Aluminium offers a good balance of affordability and performance.
  • Suspension: Choose a bike with the right amount of suspension travel for your needs. Most cross-country riders prefer front suspension, but some full-suspension MTBs are available for added comfort and control.
  • Wheel size: Cross-country mountain bikes commonly come with 29-inch wheels for better rolling efficiency and obstacle clearance. At BikesOnline, we also offer models with 27.5-inch wheels, offering slightly more agility.
  • Mechanics: Pay attention to the components such as the drivetrain, brakes, and wheelset. Higher-quality gear can significantly improve your riding experience.

The best option is to test-ride a few different models to see how they feel. It will help you determine which bike suits your riding style and body geometry the best. You can also speak to one of our BikesOnline cycling experts - they are always here to guide you towards the best cross-country mountain bike for your needs and personal preferences.

Cross Country vs. Trail Bikes: Making the Right Choice

As you embark on your journey to find the perfect mountain bike, it's also important to understand the distinctions between cross-country and trail bikes. These mountain bikes may seem similar at first glance, but they cater to different riding styles and terrains.

Cross Country Bikes: Lightweight and efficient

Cross-country bikes are all about covering distances efficiently. With an emphasis on speed and endurance, they shine on smoother, less technical trails, making them ideal for long rides and races.

They are equipped with front suspension forks offering approximately 100mm to 120mm of travel. Their tyres are narrower and sport low-profile tread patterns. Plus, cross-country bikes promote an upright riding position, which facilitates efficient pedalling and power generation.

Trail Bikes: The Perfect Balance between Climbing and Descending

Trail bikes are the go-to choice for riders who want to explore a variety of trails, including more challenging and technical terrains. Whether it's a smooth path or a rocky descent, a trail bike can handle it. However, they have a relatively more aggressive geometry, optimised for tackling technical descents. They also have more suspension travel, with around 120mm to 150mm or even more, which helps absorb the shock of larger impacts when navigating more challenging terrains.

Embrace the Excitement of Cross-Country Biking with BikesOnline Australia

Make every ride a memorable experience with the best-value cross-country mountain bikes for sale at BikesOnline Australia. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting your journey into cross-country biking, these exceptional bikes are your ticket to thrilling adventures in the great outdoors. Explore our wide selection of MTB bikes from leading brands like Polygon and Marin and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. Ride more, stress less at BikesOnline Australia!