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Our electric urban bikes are fast, efficient and equipped to replace your car.

Electric Urban Bikes

Ideal for. Riders who want a little bit of assistance to travel further and climb steep hills with ease will love urban ebikes. Urban Electric bikes are also great for those who want to use their bikes as a tool to run errands on. Thanks to the assistance from the motor, even the heaviest load will feel like a feather.

Ideal Terrain. Our range of Electric Urban Bikes are born for taking on the roads no matter how cracked or bumpy they get. With fatter tyres to add comfort and stability, you have no issues getting through the rough stuff. Urban E-bikes are most at home on the roads and sealed paths but, if you need to cut through some dirt, they will have your back.

Tyres. Our urban E-Bikes have high volume slick tyres to balance comfort with efficiency. The slick low profile tread pattern enhances efficiency by reducing rolling resistance. A larger volume tyre can be run at a lower pressure and absorb bumps in the road.

Brakes. Due to the extra weight and extra speed, you need extra powerful brakes. Our Electric Urban Bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes so that you can stop on a dime with confidence.

Motor. Our E-Bikes use mid drive motors because they provide assistance in the most natural and easy to use manner. While you still pedal to propel the bike, riders feel up to three times stronger with every stroke. All the gears and standard methods of riding a bike are the same, you just go further and faster.

Drivetrain. Urban Electric bikes are often equipped with 1x drivetrains for simplicity and reliability. E-Bike motors have multiple assistance levels and matching each level to the gear or speed you want to go is similar to using a front derailleur.

The electric commuter bike is a practical solution to the transport challenges of living in busy cities. Many advantages make electric commuter bikes the ideal choice for urban living. When it comes to finding your ideal urban e-bike, look no further than BikesOnline, your preferred destination for top-quality electric city bikes.

Conquer City Streets with Ease with an Urban e-Bike

Navigating the urban jungle can be daunting, especially during rush hours. Traditional cycling may make you hot and sweaty, making your daily trip more arduous. Riding an urban cruiser electric bike makes pedalling up steep hills and manoeuvring through stop-and-start traffic less strenuous. Whether you're headed to work, meeting friends, or running errands around town, these electric city bikes ensure a smoother journey. BikesOnline offers a wide selection of urban cruiser electric bikes and bike helmets to meet your needs.

Electric Commuter Bikes Provide More Flexibility

Say goodbye to mobility limitations with an electric commuter bike. The idea that cycling is only for young and athletic people is a myth. As you age, your joints tend to become less flexible, which can discourage you from cycling. At BikesOnline, we believe that cycling is for everyone. With the introduction of electric bikes, you can ride an e-bike with less physical effort and fewer impacts on your joints. Urban cruiser electric bikes and cycling clothing are now available on BikesOnline.

Electric City Bikes Help You Pedal Further and Explore More

Electric city bikes give you the freedom to go further on your bike. They're powered by a super lightweight lithium battery, so you don't have to worry about recharging as often. Whether you're cruising along the beachfront pathway, exploring city cycleways, or taking a cycling tour in one of Australia's wine regions, an electric city bike will give you the power to go further and explore more. Our range of e-bikes includes both aluminium and alloy framed options, as well as quality parts and various power levels. Visit BikesOnline to find the perfect urban e-bike for your next adventure!

Improve Your Daily Commute with an Electric Commuter Bike

The daily commute can be one of the most tiring parts of the workday. From battling traffic to navigating the city streets, especially if you're loaded with work gear and a change of clothes for cycling. Switching to an e-bike turns your trip to work into a smooth and hassle-free ride. With an e-bike, you'll be able to ride with less effort, so you're more likely to arrive at work feeling refreshed and energised than if you had pedalled the whole way. Whether you're looking for an e-bike for commuting to work or just want to take a break from the effort of pedalling in the hustle and bustle of the city, BikesOnline offers a wide range of urban e-bikes and hybrid bicycles for less stressful cycling.

Elevate Your Urban Journey with BikesOnline

Urban e-bikes are the perfect way to get around town, making cycling easy for everyone. Electric commuter bikes are super versatile, efficient, and eco-friendly, so they're perfect for city living. Whether you're looking for a cruiser e-bike for easy city rides, an electric commuter bike to focus on your health, or an electric city bike for long rides, electric bikes are the way of the future. When you shop with us, your bikes and accessories are delivered straight from the manufacturer, saving you money. Upgrade your commute and explore the world of e-bikes with an urban e-bike from BikesOnline - your go-to spot for top-quality e-bikes!