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Trail Mountain Bikes are perfect for rides that include a bit of everything. Long undulating terrain, technical terrain and exciting descents.

Trail Bikes

Ideal Rider. Riders who don't have a plan, enjoy riding various difficult terrains and attack the downs as much as the ups will love a trail bike. Trail Mountain Bikes have geometry that perfectly balances stability with agility. If you like to jump, pop and pump through obstacles a Trail Bike will feel amazing. Riders looking to do all day epics on all types of trails will love a Trail bike.

Ideal Terrain. Trail bikes are at home when descending fast flowing trails and then climbing back up technical single track. When the trails get rough and rowdy, Trail Bikes love to be picked up and pumped through the terrain. Most Trail bikes have 130-140mm of travel so if you do miss a line or forget to hop, a trail bike will be more forgiving.

Frame Geometry. Trail Bikes are designed to do everything. With slightly slacker head angles between 67-65 degrees, longer reach and short chainstays, Trail Bikes are optimised for agility and stability on any trail.

Frame Material. Trail bikes are available in either carbon fibre or alloy frames. Carbon fibre provides the same strength and stiffness as alloy but in a lighter package. Carbon fibre frames are more costly to manufacture, so cost more to purchase. Alloy frames are a little more wallet-friendly but weigh more.

Wheel size. The best trail mountain bikes are often fitted with 29er wheels to increase stability, roll over and speed. While 27.5-inch versions are fun and agile, most 29-inch versions are extremely fun to ride fast, and thanks to new age geometry, they can be extremely playful.

Suspension. Usually boasting 120-140 mm of travel, trail bikes are designed to be efficient for the climbs but have enough travel to soak up the mistakes. They are using slightly burlier parts that balance lightweight and reliability in heavy riding terrain. Forks like the RockShox Pike or Fox 34s are found up front for stiffness, and bigger brakes aren't out of place to pull you up in tough situations.

Components. Trail bikes use components that are light enough to climb up the mountain but robust enough to descend with confidence. 1X drivetrains are fitted for ease of use and reliability. Wheels and tyres begin to get wider and stronger to withstand more aggressive riding styles.

Other options. If you are looking for something more efficient and lightweight, a Cross-Country bike will suit your needs. Riders looking for a more aggressive ride with more downhill capability should look at our Enduro range. If you want that perfect balance, then our trail bikes will suit your needs perfectly.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our expert customer service team via email, phone or live chat so we can help you find the right bike. Bikes Online endeavour to make sure all of our customers are on the perfect bike for their riding objectives. Purchase with us now to see why we are the best in the business.



Unleash your adventurous spirit during off-road adventures with expertly crafted trail bikes from BikesOnline AU.

As a leading provider of mountain bikes, we've curated a selection of well-designed and high-performance bicycles built to handle the most challenging terrains. Our collection comes from reputable brands like Marin, Polygon and more.

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Characteristics of a Trail Mountain Bike

These two-wheelers are the best mode of transportation to explore nature's best secret hideaways. They combine durability, agility and versatility for off-road adventures.

Here are some of their key characteristics:


You'll navigate many twists and turns for the first time when riding through uncharted territory. So, you want a reliable ride that can keep up with sudden directional changes and offer quick, precise handling.

That's what our trail bikes for sale do. Thanks to their agile handling and responsive nature, you can easily manoeuvre around technical and challenging terrain.


Almost every adventure and adrenaline-loving rider wants a "do-it-all" bike because they never know where the day will take them. And the versatility is one of the reasons why the trail bicycle is the most loved among off-road enthusiasts. It can handle a broad range of trails. It balances climbing efficiency and descending prowess.


Off-road cycling is a challenging activity that requires a bike that can handle the sudden jumps and jolts you may encounter on the trail. And a trail bike is the right one for the job.

It can withstand the rigours of off-road riding with its robust frames and components designed to handle rough terrain and impacts. Its sturdiness also ensures your safety and your bike's longevity. So, you can go on endless trips without worrying about your ride breaking down.

Ideal Trails to Ride For The Ideal Rider

If you're a spontaneous rider seeking thrilling adventures and enjoy riding various rugged terrains and attacking the downs as much as the ups, you will love a trail mountain bike. Because of its robust capabilities and adaptability, you can do all-day epics on all trails.

So, what trails are best to traverse on this bike? It can handle anything from technical singletracks and cross-country trails to flowy descents and rocky terrain. The balanced performance characteristics make it the best choice for riders who want to tackle a range of landscapes without compromising speed or agility.

Most of our models have 130-140mm of travel, so it will be more forgiving if you miss a line or forget to hop.

Understanding the Best Trail Bike Frame Geometry & Material

Since mountain bikes are versatile, the geometry and material can do everything.

Frame Geometry

  • Optimised Trail Geometry: This balances stability and agility, ensuring confident handling on both climbs and descents.
  • Slack Head Tube Angle: This provides stability and confidence when tackling steep descents. A mountain bike has slightly slacker head angles than cross-country models, making it more controlled and easier to ride on technical terrain.
  • Short Chainstays: These enhance manoeuvrability, allowing you to navigate tight corners and technical sections easily.

With slightly slacker head angles between 67-65 degrees, longer reach, and short chainstays, we check the bicycles for agility and stability on any route.

Frame Material

We have bikes available in carbon fibre and alloy frames. Here are some key differences between the two frame material types:

  • Carbon fibre is as strong and as stiff as alloy but lighter.
  • Carbon fibre frames are more costly to manufacture. So, they are pricier than their alloy counterparts.
  • Alloy frames are more budget-friendly but are heavier.

Bike Componentry

Our trail bike features top-quality components for optimal performance and reliability, including:

  • High-Quality Drivetrain: Smooth and precise shifting provides efficient power transfer on all types of terrain.
  • Responsive Brakes: Reliable braking power ensures control and safety during descents and technical sections.
  • Adjustable Suspension: Advanced suspension forks and rear shocks supply exceptional damping, enabling you to fine-tune the performance.

Picking the Best Wheel Size

These bikes are available in two popular wheel sizes:

  • 27.5-inch Wheels: Lighter, more agile and enhanced manoeuvrability
  • 29-inch Wheels: More stable, better roll-over capability, stability and increased traction

Your Next Adventure Awaits at BikesOnline AU

BikesOnline AU is your one-stop shop for all things bicycles. We offer various trail bikes for sale designed with expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, ensuring you have the perfect ride for conquering any trail. We also provide options like cross-country and enduro bikes to suit your riding needs.

Get ready to explore the great outdoors easily with our bikes from our online store now.

With our fast and reliable delivery service, stellar customer service and flexible return policy, you can expect nothing but excellence. We also have helmets, spare parts, clothing, and accessories to boost your cycling experience further, no matter where you go.