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Embarking on cycling excursions is more than just the exhilaration of the journey; it's about forging a bond with the environment around you. Such experiences breathe life into the soul and refresh the spirit. The very heart of each cycling trip lies in the autonomy it provides, and accompanying this autonomy is the onus of prioritising one's well-being. Equipping oneself with the proper safety equipment not only fortifies this well-being but also elevates the delight of the escapade, catapulting your experience to unparalleled dimensions. At Bikes Online, we resonate with this twin aspiration of excitement and safeguarding. Our meticulously chosen collection boasts the cream of POC protective equipment.

From state-of-the-art helmets to elite cycling attire, we cater to every requirement a cyclist may have. More than merely meeting a functional need, our assortment ensures that cyclists needn't sacrifice sartorial elegance. Each item stands as an emblem of fine craftsmanship, underscoring the brand's steadfast dedication to paramount safety and peerless utility. With Bikes Online, you're not merely purchasing equipment; you're securing tranquillity for all your future expeditions.

Tracing the Legacy of POC

Established in Sweden in 2005, POC has rapidly risen to become a front-runner in protective equipment for passionate cyclists and skiers worldwide. Their pioneering approach combined with a catalogue of high-calibre gear has garnered unwavering trust from daily cyclists to top-tier athletes.

POC's commitment in Australia remains steadfast: to safeguard lives and minimise accident consequences for both professional athletes and enthusiastic novices. Their devotion to innovation is perpetual, with each product reflecting the latest research, technology, and market trends.

POC's philosophy is simple: though the unpredictable nature of the outdoors cannot be tamed, one can always choose how to face it. And that's precisely where POC helmets play their part, instilling both confidence and comfort in every enthusiast.

A Glimpse into POC's Ingenious Gear

The hallmark of POC helmets is the fusion of groundbreaking technologies that augment safety while prioritising comfort, catering to dynamic lifestyles. From top-of-the-line helmets to precision-crafted cycling glasses, discover everything you need to journey with assurance.

POC Helmets: Your Shield Down Under

Whether you're a city commuter, a road cyclist, or a triathlon participant, the ideal helmet is indispensable. These helmets, celebrated for their feather-light build and robustness, guarantee optimal ventilation, ensuring enduring comfort throughout your expeditions.

Explore POC's helmets, crafted meticulously for off-road challenges. Boasting compatibility with goggles and trailblazing breakaway peaks, they are compliant with Australian standards. POC's road helmets parallel their mountain counterparts, further enhanced with the state-of-the-art Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) and the patented Brain Protection System (BPS) MIPS-BPS, amplifying protection against rotational impacts.

Eyewear: Beyond Aesthetic Appeal

It's paramount to guard not just your head but your eyes as well. Beyond shielding against the sun's harsh rays, quality eyewear can redefine your cycling experience. Our POC eyewear range promises unparalleled clarity, supreme grip, and enhanced contrast and colour delineation. Revel in a panoramic view of terrains, fostering heightened safety.

Comprehensive Body Protection

Protecting frequently engaged body parts like hands, knees, and elbows is essential. Our handpicked range of gloves boasts EVA padding, ensuring protection against potential abrasions and falls. Crafted with breathable materials, they promise the utmost ventilation, even during the most arduous rides.

Stay safeguarded with our elbow and knee pads, designed for maximum movement flexibility and efficient impact absorption.

POC Apparel: Marrying Comfort with Class

Beyond the quintessential accessories, our repertoire includes diverse body armour and attire suitable for cyclists of every skill tier. Find cycling shorts tailored for optimal pedal comfort, crafted from stretchable nylon – perfect for those scorching days. Stay refreshed with our rapid-drying jerseys, ideal for those extensive trail adventures. For that additional protection layer, explore our Air Layer – Bib Shorts and Air Vest – Back Protectors, fabricated from lightweight mesh.

Discover POC at Bikes Online

Fuel your passion for adventure by surrounding yourself with unrivalled equipment. Bikes Online takes immense pride in showcasing an extensive collection of POC's elite helmets, clothing, and cycling essentials. Each piece is meticulously crafted, ensuring you're not only protected but also exuding style as you tackle various terrains.

To further enrich your cycling endeavours, we frequently introduce enticing offers and promotions. Why wait? Invest in top-tier cycling gear and anticipate swift delivery all across Australia. If you're in two minds about what would best suit your needs, fret not. Our seasoned team is at your beck and call, always on standby to provide tailored recommendations and advice.

Step out with confidence, knowing you're enveloped in the unmatched protective embrace of POC's globally renowned range. Your next adventure beckons!