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Ages 12 to Teen (27.5")
Ages 12 to Teen (27.5")

This is the point where your child graduates into adult size bikes and begins to truly find their independence.

27.5-Inch Bikes (Ages 12 to Teens)

Ideal Rider. 27.5-inch bikes are designed to bring true independence to riders looking for more freedom. Our 27.5-inch mountain bikes are perfect for riders looking to make their own way to school, back from sports practice or beginning to ride off-road. Children who want to blaze their own path will love our bikes.

Ideal Terrain. With front suspension, disc brakes and semi-knobbly tyres, these bikes are designed to be ridden on road in comfort or off-road with style. If your child needs to take a back road or cut through some trails to get where they want to go, they will have no issues with these capable bikes. These bikes are still efficient and fun on the road, so even if your child never leaves the road they will still love these bikes.

Frames. Our 27.5-inch mountain bikes are mostly manufactured using alloy frames due to the lighter weight, durability and cost effectiveness of the material. There is no need to worry about your child jamming them in the rack at school, throwing them down in a friend's front yard or jumping over the curbs on them. Our bikes are designed to be used.

Drivetrain. Due to the variety of use cases and budgets in 27.5 mountain bikes, drivetrains are also quite varied. 1x drivetrains only have one gear at the front with a 10 to12-speed wide range cassette on the rear. While they are more reliable, require less maintenance and are often lighter they come at a cost. Our budget-friendly bikes are often equipped with three gears up front and 7 to9 on the rear. While they may be heavier and require more maintenance, they offer a wider gear range, better gear ratios and a gear for any circumstance.

Suspension. Like the drivetrain, suspension specifications often mirror the price. Suspension forks with a coil spring and basic preload controls are often heavier as well as being less customisable. However, they are reliable and require significantly less maintenance due to their simpler technology. Higher-end bikes come with forks that have air springs, more dampening tuning and can be custom-tuned to a riders weight. While these forks do require extra maintenance for their premium technology, each rider can achieve their perfect settings no matter their weight or riding style. Air sprung forks are also a lot lighter than their coil-sprung counterparts resulting in a more balanced ride and greater control.

Tyres. Most of our 27.5 teen bikes are equipped with tyres suitable for both on and off-road use. Smaller knobs offer extra traction on the dirt while maintaining a low rolling resistance on the road. Because our 27.5 teen bikes are designed to be ridden anywhere, the tyres are designed for any type of terrain.