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Gravel & Adventure
Gravel & Adventure

Our Gravel Bikes are ready for adventure. It is time to get off the bitumen and into the country.

Gravel & Adventure Bikes

Ideal Rider. Are you looking to fulfill your dreams of exploring deep into the forest? Go further into the wild than ever before? Head out on multi-day bike packing trips, pushing the boundaries on how far you can go each day with minimal gear? Or, are you just looking for a comfortable, efficient and fun bike to commute to work on? Gravel and adventure bikes have you covered!

Ideal Terrain. These versatile machines can be ridden almost anywhere, thanks to their adventure-ready features, including disc brakes, additional clearance for their wider tyres and comfortable, relaxed geometry. Together, they form the best gravel road bikes that adapt to almost every surface, from rugged terrain to winter training. If you're not quite sure where the road will take you, this is the bicycle for you – whatever path you ultimately decide to take, a gravel bike will get you there with ease. By damage to the rim, wet weather or grit from the road. Sure, they weigh a bit more than cantilever brakes, but the extra safety is well worth it.

Specifications. When evaluating which gravel bike is best for you, it pays to understand the benefits of different components, including brakes, drivetrains and racks.. At Bikes Online, our team of professional cyclists are always happy to help you with your decision by sharing our expert knowledge. To provide a recommendation we can be confident about, we pay close attention to the following three features:

Brakes. Gravel bikes generally use disc brakes. Disc brakes have a great advantage when riding on rough surfaces, as they're not affected by grit or dust.

Because disc brakes are located at the hub and not around the rim, the bikes running discs can accommodate wider tyres. The tyres range from 35c to 50c, relating to how wide the tyres are in millimetres. Wider tyres provide increased traction and comfort thanks to a larger contact patch and the increased air volume giving more cushion.

Drivetrains. Gravel bikes have wider range gearing than cyclocross bikes that combine a 46/36 chainset and a medium-range cassette. Some adventure bikes will run a "mullet" setup with a single chainring up front with a wide range MTB cassette at the rear. This provides a wide range of gears. However, 2x systems have close ratios and maintaining an efficient cadence is easier. Wide range gears with easier ratios are perfect when you are exhausted after a big day in the saddle and need to get up one more hill.

Racks. Designed for longer trips, gravel and adventure bikes have plenty of options to mount racks and bags. A full-blown adventure setup has room to carry tents, food, extra clothes and cooking equipment. The other benefit is plenty of room to bring a laptop, textbooks or spare work uniform, making gravel bikes an efficient, comfortable and practical commuting option.

Why Bikes Online? We offer a two-week testing period to help you decide which gravel bike just right for you. That's right - you can choose a gravel road bike from our online shop and order it for a test ride. If, after 14 days, you realise that this is not the bicycle for you, you can return it and try a different one. If you're satisfied with the levels of performance and comfort, it is all yours!

We offer as much information as possible to find the correct bike to suit your riding at Bikes Online. Don't hesitate to ask our experienced and friendly team via email, live chat, or phone call if you need more information.