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Dirt Jump
Dirt Jump

Shred your local skate park or boost the local dirt jump set on our Dirt Jump and Slope Style Bikes!

Dirt Jumper

Conquer the Trails with Our Top-Notch Dirt Jumpers

Are you ready to unleash your inner daredevil and conquer the trails with jaw-dropping bike tricks? Look no further than our impressive collection of dirt jumpers at BikesOnline. Whether you're a beginner seeking excitement or an experienced rider pushing the limits, our jump bikes are designed to satisfy your adventurous spirit. Let's dive deep into the world of dirt jumpers and discover how these mean two-wheeled machines can take your biking experience to new heights of excitement and thrill.

Robust Construction: Built to Withstand the Extreme

At the heart of every dirt jumper lies a robust construction that enables it to handle the harshest conditions. Crafted with lightweight frames made from durable alloys, our dirt jump bikes are built to withstand high impact jumps and harsh landings. Say goodbye to worries about cracks and snaps when you throw your bike mid-air – our bikes will stand strong. Reinforced frames, sturdy forks, and robust components ensure your dirt jump mountain bike can handle even the most demanding stunts. The compact design allows for quick turns, spins, and tricks on ramps and technical trails, giving you the edge in every daring move.

Responsive Suspension System: Master Every Jump with Precision

The key to nailing those daring jumps and tricks lies in the responsive suspension system of our jump bikes. Equipped with either a rigid fork or a short-travel suspension fork, our bikes provide precise control, allowing you to connect seamlessly with the terrain. With 100mm of travel or less, our jumper bikes offer just the right amount of suspension, ensuring an optimal pop off a jump for that extra thrill. For riders seeking enhanced manoeuvrability and cushioning for big air jumps, we also offer dual-suspension dirt jumpers, perfect for slopestyle and freestyle riding.

High-Performing Components: Simplified for Performance

Our dirt jump bikes are designed with performance in mind, and that means keeping things simple and fuss-free. With one gear, one brake, and short-travel forks, our bikes provide a streamlined experience that focuses on delivering the best results. Gears are unnecessary as riders pedal only once or twice before dropping into jumps and generating speed on landings. The stiff forks ensure they can withstand the G forces during landings and riding up a jump, giving you the confidence to perform at your best.

Tyres: Unmatched Speed and Traction

Speed and traction are paramount when it comes to dirt jumping, and our bikes are equipped with specially designed tyres to excel in these areas. Slick tyres, optimised for concrete or smooth dirt surfaces, ensure maximum speed and smooth riding. With widths ranging from 2.1 to 2.3 inches, these tyres provide excellent grip on ramps, jumps, and technical trails, giving you the confidence to tackle any challenge with ease.

Is a Dirt Jumper Bike Your Perfect Match?

If you're a thrill-seeking rider who craves flips, spins, and flow on jump tracks or skate parks, a dirt jump bike is your perfect match. Our bikes are built tough to handle anything you throw at them, making them suitable for both beginners and professionals. From technical terrain to high-flying adventures, our dirt jumpers are ready for any challenge. Choose a hardtail dirt jump bike for better pop off a jump and a lighter build, or opt for a dual-suspension jump bike for slopestyle riding. If you're always on the lookout for new adventures and crave heart-pounding challenges, a dirt jumper bike is your exciting next step.

Elevate Your Ride with a Bikes Online Dirt Jumper

At Bikes Online, we take pride in curating a selection of premium bicycles, apparel, and accessories to cater to adventurers like you. Our dirt jump bikes are crafted with expert craftsmanship and the latest technology to deliver unparalleled trail performance. When you choose a dirt jump bike from our collection, get ready for a transformed riding experience that will take you to new heights. With fast shipping and various payment options, your online shopping journey is convenient and hassle-free. Gear up, hit the trails, and let the thrill begin!

Excitement awaits you! Explore our collection of top-notch dirt jumpers and discover the perfect ride that will elevate your biking experience. From beginners to experienced riders, our jump bikes cater to all levels of thrill-seekers. Unleash your potential, conquer the ramps, and embrace the thrill with a first-rate dirt jumper from Bikes Online. Are you ready to take the plunge? Let's ride!