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Using My Garage to filter your searches so you only see what is recommended for your bike.

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Save all of your bikes in My Garage for easy to use browsing and parts lookup specific to you.

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Newest way to track repairs on your bike.

What is My Garage?

My Garage is the next big thing when it comes to buying your bike parts & accessories online!

The days of sifting through confusing standards, part numbers and hundreds of product pages are gone. My Garage is a place where you can now find what you need, when you want it, in next to no time.

Find compatible Parts & Accessories



Using our advanced search function, look for your make and model.



Select your bike from the options.



You will be given all the compatible Parts & Accessories that fit your bikes. You can use the filter function to narrow down your search.

Save your Bike & Customise it


Save your bike

Save your Bike for future searches and extra features in the My Garage Dashboard by using the “Save my Bike” button on the results page. You can also add a bike from your Bicycles Online account dashboard.


Log in / Create an account

You will need to login into your Bicycles Online Account or create a new account if you don’t already have one in order to save the bike to My Garage.


View your dashboard

Your Bike will be saved on the My Garage Dashboard that is located inside your Bicycles Online account.



Add a photo to your bike and give it a cool nickname!


Stay organized

You can record all of your services in the logbook so you will never forget it.