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Team work makes dream work when it comes to Tandem Bikes.

Tandem Bikes

Ideal Riders. Tandem bikes are perfect for couples or riders who want to work together and enjoy the ride. Two riders sit on a tandem bike and pedal in unison to propel the bike forward. The rider up front directs the bike while the rider on the rear enjoys the ride.

Ideal Terrain. Our tandem bikes are ideal for exploring the hills, cruising the coast or riding down the riverside on any style of roads. Bigger tyres, relaxed geometry and flat bars provide both riders with supreme comfort if the roads get rough. Light gravel is rideable, but our tandems aren't designed specifically for that style of riding.

Frame Material. This aluminium-framed tandem is light; in fact, it's one of the lightest on the market. This means it is easy to ride and simple to put on any rear car rack. In fact, after taking the front wheel off the bike, it is not much longer than a regular adult mountain bike and can be fitted to most regular cars.

Wheels. This iteration of the tandem has been significantly improved. The wheels are larger 27.5" rims and are the wheel of choice for tandem bikes. When you are carrying two passengers, the forces that go through the wheel are much higher, and as such, you need strong wheels to survive any impact with gutters or harsh, unforgiving roads. Larger 700c "Road bike" wheels are inherently weaker and can result in warping or bending of the rim.

Drivetrain. A great feature of this bike is the drivetrain. Featuring a 24 speed Shimano Altus groupset complete with a huge 11-32 speed rear cassette, you have all the gears you need to tackle the steepest of ascents. The drive train also features an eccentric bottom bracket – this is how the chain is tightened between the front and rear riders. Eccentric bottom brackets are by far and away the best system on the market. Using a tensioner system is messy and unreliable; an eccentric bottom bracket like this is the only way to keep that chain on.

Brakes. As the name indicates, the tandem now features disc brakes too. This has been the most desired upgrade over previous rim brakes. Disc brakes provide confidence-inspired braking with much more consistent and powerful braking in all conditions.

Discover the Fun of Riding Together with Tandem Bikes

Cycling is a fun pastime that lets you engage with the world around you more sensorily than when driving a car. Imagine sharing that experience with someone you’re close with, riding together, having fun and bonding doing something healthy outdoors. Tandem bikes are designed for two people, offering a special way to enjoy cycling with a partner. BikesOnline Australia has tandem bikes for sale and are perfect for couples, families and best friends. While riding in tandem is all about being in sync with your cycling partner, getting used to these bikes can be a lot of fun. Whether you're looking for adventure, a leisurely ride, or a chance to go faster with the power of two pedalling, tandem bikes are a great option. BikesOnline has a range of hybrid bikes to suit all terrain, so you’re sure to find a tandem bike online to match your needs.

Explore the City while Strengthening Bonds

Riding a tandem bike is all about teamwork. The person in front is often called the "captain" or "pilot" and is responsible for steering and shifting gears. The person in the rear is the "stoker" and assists with the pedalling. Effective communication is essential for maintaining balance, coordinated pedalling, and navigating turns and stops smoothly. A tandem bike is lighter than two solo bikes, and you have less drag and more power, whereas a tandem bike can go faster - especially downhill.

It may take a few rides to be in sync with your riding partner and get used to the handling characteristics of a tandem bike, such as the longer body frame making it slower on the turns. However, with practise and communication, most cyclists quickly adapt and begin to enjoy the unique advantages of tandem cycling.

Why Choose Tandem Bikes?

With effective communication, coordination, and dedication, tandem biking can become an enjoyable and rewarding activity for riders of all levels, providing many advantages:

  • Quality time together: Tandem bikes are tailor-made for couples, siblings or friends who want to explore the landscape together. Riding as one means you'll have to focus on working closely together.
  • Versatile riding: Tandem bikes are built for various terrains. Whether you're tackling hills, cruising the coastal paths, or pedalling the urban streets, these bicycles are up to the task. They come with comfy seats, large tires, and easy-to-grip handlebars for a smooth ride, even on bumpy gravel.
  • Ease of transportation: Tandem bikes are made from lightweight aluminium frames, so they're not too heavy and can fit most vehicle bike racks. Removing the front wheel makes them almost as compact as a regular adult mountain bike.
  • Robust construction: The wheels on tandem bikes are tough enough to handle the extra weight of two riders, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride, even on rough roads. 
  • Smooth gear shifting: Tandem bikes at BikesOnline in Australia come with a 24-speed Shimano Altus gear system and a big 11-32-speed rear cassette, so you have all the gears you need to conquer steep hills. Plus, they have an eccentric bottom bracket to keep the chain tight between the front and rear riders, making shifting gears more seamless.
  • A reliable brake system: With disc brakes, tandem bikes offer consistent and powerful stopping power in all conditions. Whether you're going downhill or riding in bad weather, the brakes are designed for safety.

Enjoy the Perks of Tandem Bike Shopping at BikesOnline Australia

At BikesOnline, we're all about providing top-quality bikes to enhance your riding experience. With lightweight frames, durable wheels, and a versatile gear system, our tandem bikes for sale are built to last and help create memorable and enjoyable cycling adventures. Whether you're out for a scenic ride, a city adventure, or just some leisurely fun with a friend, these bicycles are perfect companions.

So grab your partner, family member or friend and hop on a tandem bike from BikesOnline today. Shopping with us, you can enjoy a range of benefits that make your purchase even more satisfying. We offer simple and convenient payment options like PayPal - Pay in 4 and ZipMoney, so you can buy now and pay later. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with your bike, rest easy knowing you can receive a full refund within our free 30-day bike return period. We'll even pick up the bicycle from you free of charge.

Explore our collection online now and get ready for some amazing shared cycling adventures on tandem bikes. At BikesOnline, ride more for less!