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Bicycles Online, being an online store priding itself on dealing only with the best manufacturers both local and global, offers a variety of great brands specialising in bicycles or specific parts, accessories or gear. 


Polygon Bikes is a world-known manufacturer with its manufacturing facilities in Indonesia. It’s been around for almost a quarter century – it started in 1989 for the Southeast Asian market, making bicycles with frames of steel and aluminium. They arrived in Australia in 2007, and expanded even to Europe in 2011. Their headquarters are in Germany. If you’re looking for a high-quality bike with leading-edge technology, Polygon’s road, urban, mountain and children’s bikes can be a great choice!

Marin Bikes California

Marin Bikes is one of the first mountain bike companies, starting all the way back in 1986. Ever since, they’ve earned and maintained a reputation for the quality of their bikes, as well as innovation and durability. Marin Bikes are designed and tested on the hills of Marin County in California, making sure they will conquer any road or mountain trail. Here at Bicycles Online we offer Marin Bikes bicycles, bicycle parts, accessories and apparel.

Entity Cycling

Entity is a local manufacturer designing bicycle parts, accessories and apparel with Australian conditions in mind. This means that every local bush trails or coastal roads are ready to be conquered with these! Entity products are characterised with clean function-driven design, as well as the high-quality reliable materials. 


Topeak is one of the best companies around when it comes to practical biking tools and accessories. Its floor pumps and mini pumps are a reliable companion that will prevent any mishaps from affecting your planned day of biking! Topeak delivers innovation, value and reliability – great features for your tools to be there for years to come!


A whopping 50% of the global bicycle component market belongs to Shimano, the biggest Japanese manufacturer of drivetrain, brake, wheel and pedal components for road, mountain, and hybrid bikes. If you’re looking for cranksets, chains, gear shift levers, cables... look no further, for Shimano is a great choice!


When it comes to GPS equipment, Bryton is one of the best – and most innovative – manufacturers in the market. If you’d like to invest in an elite cycling computer to guide you and help you navigate and track your progress for the great outdoors, opt for one of the Bryton Riders offered by Bicycles Online. They are designed for recreational and professional cyclists alike, so you’ll get excellent value for money whatever stage you are in with your cycling skills and habits!


Polisport is a Portuguese company producing technical and highly complex plastic parts. If you’re looking for a comfortable and safe bicycle baby seat, one made by Polisport is probably the best one you can get. The company is known for having led the industry for over 40 years, setting the standards and leading with innovation and design. Apart from baby seats, you can also get headlights, rider protection, fenders, fork boots, hand protectors, and more. 


ION hasn’t actually started as the mountain bike clothing brand you might now. This Austrian manufacturer was first specialising in water sports equipment, eventually becoming a global market leader for its innovative wetsuits and harnesses. Then they moved to the mountain bike market. Their apparel is made of breathable, yet water repellent materials, which makes them extremely comfortable for any ride!

Orange Seal

Any cyclist who has logged in some years on the road or trail knows how important tire sealants are. That’s why Orange Seal is the brand worth remembering: this American brand makes great seals for any punctures. If you’re looking for extra fast, extra light and eco-friendly products for your tires, Orange Seal will give you the ultimate experience at great prices!


KMC is a roller chain manufacturer with headquarters in Taiwan, reaching markets in the US and Europe. This company manufactures and markets bicycle chains under their own brand, and also supply them to others, such as Shimano. KMC are also known suppliers of motorcycle chain and other heavy equipment machinery around the world.Also worth knowing: their chains are used in the Tour de France! KMC makes a great variety of chains: with hollow pins and with cut-outs in the links; they use stainless steel with a coating of titanium nitride or painting in different colours. Looking for a reliable chain? Pick one from KMC available at Bicycles Online for a great biking experience.

Finish Line

Finish Line is the company proud of being “The Lube Experts” for the bicycle industry. They are passionate about products that enhance the performance of your bike, and they develop formulas for their products themselves. These range from chain lubricants to bike washes and degreasers, along with brushes and chain cleaning tools. For a smooth ride, opt for a product from Finish Line – if you’re unsure of which one will suit your bike best, contact us at Bicycles Online and we’ll gladly discuss the matter!


Another excellent brand for lubricants that we sell at Bicycles Online is Rock’N’Roll. These lubricants use a unique formulation designed to dissolve any dirt stuck in the chains. The dirt remains will then float to the surface where you can wipe it off. Rock’N’Roll offers f chain lubricants, specially designed for mountain bikes, road bikes, as well as special versions that work on both. Important to note: these products clean and lube at the same time, enabling longer chain life and smooth pedalling.

Kind Shock 

Kind Shock is a leading brand of dropper seatposts with adjustable height. This company is a synonym for quality and durability: these components will last a long time and are easily adjustable. If you’re looking for the best dropper seatpost, you’ll find some fantastic examples from Kind Shock!