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Five (5) Trail Side Tools To Keep You Shredding

Mountain biking involves riding over some of the craziest terrains on earth. Unfortunately, no matter how tough we build our bikes, accidents happen. There is nothing worse than ending a ride because of a mechanical problem fixed on the trail. Here are 5 tools that can help you get back on the trail. 

Number one: The Humble Multitool

Multi-tools are the one thing every mountain biker needs to carry, especially when out on a solo mountain bike ride. They are literally the swiss army knife for mountain bikers.

Bicycles Online recommend to many riders that when purchasing a multi-tool, it has at least 5 tools. A 4,5, and 6 mm Allen key to adjust 90% of the components on your mountain bike. A Torx key for the odd one that appears and a chain breaker to fix a broken chain on the side of a trail.

If you crash and your bars or brakes move out of line, the Allen keys will get you out of trouble. A miss shift or stick through the rear mech can sometimes result in the chain needing removal, and a chain breaker is essential. The multi-tool is an everyday hero to mountain bikers, and that is why we deem it essential.



Number two: A tyre Plug

Flat tyres are the worst. As you are pinned down your favorite trail, smiling because it is so fun and all it takes is one wrong choice before you hear pssssssssss. A rock has torn your tyre. You are 10 km from home and don't want to limp home slowly.

That is where this tiny strip of adhesive-infused kevlar comes to save your day. Perfect for those holes that are too big for sealant to seal. It is as simple as threading the strip into the lance, finding the spot, and stabbing the strip into the tyre, pulling the lance out, and the strip will plug the hole.

All you have to do now is pump the tyre up with your pump or CO2 canister, and you can enjoy the ride home. This leads us to the next important tool.



Number three: Inflators

There are two main types of tyre inflators, the classic hand pump, and pressurized CO2 canisters. They both do the same thing as far as they will get your tyres full of air again. However, one is much more efficient and easy to use. At the same time, the other is reusable and can make minor pressure adjustments.

The classic hand pump is small, so it isn’t quick at pumping tires, but it will make micro-adjustments to pressures. Say you have a small cut in your tyre and your sealant seals it quick but, you may have lost 2-5 psi. This is where the pump shines; you attach it to the valve, give it a few pumps, and it is ready to go.

A pressurized C02 canister attached to an adapter for the valve will blast air into the tyre almost instantaneously. Perfect to re-bead a tubeless tyre or get air into a tyre as fast as possible. The biggest downside is canisters if they are one use only. Once a C02 is punctured and been used, it cannot be reused. With that in mind, a c02 can have more waste and cost more money than usual.


Number four: quick links

Quick links are a tiny piece of equipment that will make any trail side chain issue easy, instead of messing around trying to push a pin in with your multi-tool on the side of a trail. Remove a link and put the quick link in. A quick snap, and your bike is ready to go. The best thing is, they are so small they can be taped to your brake or gear cables.




Number five: tyre levers.

While tyre levers are a last resort to any tire troubles in most cases, when it's hot or the weather is miserable, you don't want to be stranded for long. There is nothing worse than wrestling with a muddy tire and having sealant all over your hands.

Even though the most skilled mechanics can get a tyre off easily without a lever, however, efficiency is key on the side of a trail—less time messing around on your bike and more time riding it.

It will save you time, effort, and a whole lot of mess—one of the most useful pieces of equipment with very little weight and taking up space.



With these tools, you will be able to ride more and worry about mechanical issues less. It is all about being as prepared as possible not to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. Bicycles Online will continue our educational posts while providing you with the best expert service so that you can worry about riding as we worry about the rest.


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