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Bike Shed Blog One: Best Beginner MTBs


At BikesOnline, we understand that buying your first bike can be confusing and quite the minefield when it comes to learning the lingo, technology, components, and cycling nuances in general. However, there is no need to fret! We have created this guide to ensure you are on the correct bike from the start - getting the most out of your experience. 

When starting your mountain bike journey, it is essential to understand your skill level, where you plan on riding and, of course, your budget. Your skill level and understanding of bikes are imperative to getting the right bike for your riding. If you are new to the sport, a dual suspension bike with all the latest technologies may be overwhelming and lead to a less enjoyable experience. In fact, it may even completely blow your budget - which is never a pretty sight.

An entry-level hardtail mountain bike is the perfect place to start for most beginners as they are easy to use and can teach riders invaluable skills. With no rear suspension, hardtails are much easier to set up and allow riders to ride more without worrying about the bike not working. They are also paramount in teaching new riders how to ride rough trails smoothly, maintain rear-end traction, and pick the better lines. Starting on a hardtail bike can lead to you being a better rider in the future.

When buying your first mountain bike, you should consider a few critical components while researching. Firstly, hydraulic disc brakes are not only performance parts but are also integral for rider safety. We recommend that quality brakes are a must if you are looking to push your limits on a bike. 

A good "two by" or "One by" drive train will give you enough range to conquer any mountain while reducing any chance of mechanical failure. Gear range refers to the difference between the easiest climbing gear and the hardest gear for maximum speed. The more gears a bike has, the less of a difference in effort or cadence between gears, so you won't constantly be shifting to find the right gear. You want to get the most comprehensive range with the most gears possible to have the perfect gear for any situation. 

Now let's get to the bikes; at the entry-level end of the market, we have the Polygon Cascade 4. At $649, it is perfect for people looking to dip their toes into the sport of mountain biking. This price point is where you see hydraulic disc brakes being fitted from stock. You get 3x8 gears and adjustable coil forks. It offers everything you need to start exploring off the beaten track. 

Marin's Eldridge represents fantastic value with hydraulic brakes, preload adjustment on the forks, and a 2 x 8 drivetrain. The Eldridge is perfect for riders gaining more confidence on the trail and who want to take their riding to the next level. 

For $839, you can take the next step and look at the Polygon Premier 5. At this price point, you begin to see 120mm lockout suspension forks with preload control for extra efficiency and tuneability. The 2x9 drivetrain provides a fantastic range with minimal fuss or risk of mechanicals. The geometry is refined to inspire confidence for riders looking to push their boundaries and take on new challenges. 


Riders begging to expand their horizons and venturing into the intermediate level of riding will thrive on the Polygon Xtrada 6. At $1,199, this is where you will begin to see improved frame technology like a tapered head tube and modern trail geometry. The front derailleur has gone, and you will find an eleven-speed cassette outback in place. You get the full range of 2 by with simpler shifting and less to go wrong out on the trail. The Xtrada is perfect for riders looking to take the next step with their riding as they push the boundaries. 

We have a vast range of bikes at BikesOnline to suit all types of riders. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to ride the best bike available for their budget and riding style. If you want to enjoy your ride at all levels and progress your adventures while using a one-stop shop, Bikes online has you covered. 




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