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Lajamanu bike program

To us, bikes are more than just a mode of transportation, they provide a lifestyle, a culture, a sense of community. For some of us, the bike has changed our lives, whether that’s building a healthy relationship with fitness, meeting new friends, or simply gaining a deeper appreciation for our environment - uncovering a new found love for our surroundings. Our mission at bikesonline is simple, we want more people to experience the life changing effect that a bike can provide - we want to democratise cycling, from the city-side to remote areas of our continent - we want everyone to experience the joys of cycling. 

Some of us can easily access resources that allow us to experience a multitude of sports; however, in some locations and under certain geographical conditions, this isn’t a possibility. So when Simon from the Lajamanu bike program reached out to us to get some bikes, we were more than happy to assist. For those who don’t know, Lajamanu is a small town of the Northern Territory. It is approximately 560km from Katherine & just under 900km away from Darwin. The population is under 1000 and access is mostly unsealed roads, making it hard for residents to access amenities. You can imagine why we were thrilled to be shipping out hardtails to the Lajamanu bike program - run by Simon Blake. The picture below can give you an accurate depiction of the location & terrain of this remote community. 

(Photo credit:


If you find yourself in a similar situation - being in a remote location and having limited access to resources (bike mechanic, retail outlets, etc) we recommend you stick to hardtails, as they are less maintenance than a dual suspension, more rugged, and won’t require as much attention as a dual suspension. Oh and don’t forget, typically speaking, buying in bulk (chains, pumps, derailleur hangers, cassettes, lube, and so forth). We’ve seen it before… Some customers buy one bottle of lube, only to run out and wait awhile until they receive their next shipment of bike goodies. 


In the case of the Lajamanu bike program, Simon ordered 14 hardtails and we shipped them directly to him. Whilst in transit, back at the office, we waited in anticipation as we knew that the little shredders’ eyes would light up as they saw their new rigs.

Once the bikes arrived, Simon and the crew quickly built them up - putting together the Cascades (bike in the top right). As you can see, the youngins are helping build up the bikes and that’s a whole separate reason on why we love bikes. It not only provides today’s youth with a new skill set (one in which they may use in the future) but it builds resilience, social skills, and accountability. 

This is just the beginning of their endeavors and we can’t wait to follow their journey! If you want to see what the Lajamanu bike program is up to, be sure to give them a follow on Instagram @wanta_aboriginal_corporation


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