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Entity Lights - Range and Spec


Lights are a great way to stay safe on a bike. It is one of those items that you should always make sure you budget for, particularly during winter. You can easily make a case that every bike rider should have a set of lights. Thankfully, Entity want to make this easy for you and have some very affordable lights to help you see, more importantly help you be seen.

Entity LS15 Safety LED Bicycle Light Set

The Entity LS15 Safety LED set is exactly that, a set of lights that you can use to stay safe. They are powered by 2 CR2032 batteries and are a great option for a set of lights to leave on your bike or to throw in your work bag and pop on your bike if the weather closes in or you get caught out by dusk.


Made from 6063 aluminium and with hard wearing silicones straps, these lights will be durable and provide you with great service in the years to come.


Entity RL35 Rear Light

The Entity RL35 is a 35 lumens rear light, and you might be able to break the Entity naming code with that information easily. The RL35 comes with a strap that allows you to fasten the light to your seat post, or you can use the clip on it and connect it to your saddle bag, or a rucksack. If you use 2 rear lights and put 1 higher and 1 lower, you’ll make it easier for drivers to work out how far away you are and how fast you’re moving.


The 10 chip COB LEDs are powered by a battery that you can charge in 3 hours. The 3 hours of charging will give you 10 hours of steady light, and 30 hours of flashing light.


Entity RL100 Rear Light

The USB rechargeable Entity RL100 rear light can be a lifesaver. With the ability of its 50 chip COB LED to emit up to 100 lumens there can be no excuse for any driver not to see you. There is even a daylight mode, which will shine the full 100 lumens every 1.75 seconds and it’ll do so for 9 hours, you’ll definitely be able to get that century done before your light runs out of juice.


Taking only 3 hours to charge, means you should easily be able to top it up when you’re at work after a long commute. The other good news is that its strap mount will allow you to set the light up either vertically or horizontally. You’ll be able to set it horizontally, so it doesn’t get blocked by pannier bags for commuting, or you can go vertical and save a few watts.


Entity HL800 Front Light

With 2 powerful Cree XPG LEDs, the USB rechargeable Entity HL800 can give out 800 lumens of light. With a focused beam you’ll easily see down dark roads, and easier trails, you’ll also find that you shouldn’t need to drop your speed too low to compensate for lower light levels.

The light also has a great little safety feature in that it has cutouts to allow 180°. The extra light coming out of these slits should help to avoid you having cars pull out of junctions at you. It is the most likely way for a car to hit you when you’re on a bike.


The light will provide you with 30 hours of light on steady, 90 hours on flashing, and 15 hours when on daylight mode. Daylight mode is the same as the RL100 and RL35; you get the full power beam flashing every 1.75 seconds.


Entity HL400 Front Light

The Entity HL400 is a simple and great looking 400 lumens front light. It is USB rechargeable and only takes 5 hours to charge fully. Like the other Entity lights, it has a daylight setting, and this setting will give you 10 hours of lighting. The low flashing setting will give you 7 hours, and the similar steady setting will give you 5 hours.


Check out these Unbeatable Bike Light Bundles:

Entity HL800 Front Light + Entity RL100 Rear Light Combo

Entity HL800 Front Light + Entity RL35 Rear Light Combo

Entity HL400 & RL100 - 400 Lumens Bicycle Light Set - USB Rechargeable


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