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Welcome to Entity Cycling

Entity is the newly arrived brand of bicycle Parts and Accessories, designed in Australia to be Ridden Everywhere. Entity products have had an important role on Polygon bikes for the past 3 years. Entity now offers more and better components and accessories to riders who demand the best quality with an attractive price tag. Regardless if you’re a complete beginner or seasoned rider, you can trust the ever growing Entity range of products to have your back when you’re out enjoying bike riding.



Entity’s lineup of pedals covers all your needs, from Mountain Biking to Road Cycling and City Commuting. All pedals feature sealed bearings and lightweight construction. Looking at the Entity RP15 Road Carbon Cycling Pedal, the slim body profile and composite body help in keeping the rider low and the pedals strokes supple. The Entity RP15 utilises the Look Keo cleat system and spins freely on sealed bearings.

The Entity Pedal range also features the MP15 MTB Clipless pedal, the PP15 Platform pedal and the CT15 Multi-Purpose pedal.

Entity Cycling Pedal       

Air Pumps

Already a bestseller, the Entity SP15 Shock Pump capitalises on world-class features to deliver quality and practicality to mountain bikers everywhere. Featuring an industrial grade pressure gauge, ergonomic handle and fine tune bleed valve, the Entity SP15 epitomises the general mission of the Entity brand; deliver great products at an attractive price point.

Entity also makes 2 floor pumps, the FP15 and FP30, a pocketable hand pump HP15, 2 morph pumps and CO2 canister set.

Entity Air Pump


Cycling Lights

The Entity cycling lights range was designed to keep you visible when riding in traffic or off it. Arguably the most attractive offer on the Entity range is the Entity LS30 200 Lumens Light Set. Boosting 200 lumens front and 50 rear, this light set is sure to keep you visible in average lit roads not only from incoming traffic but also from traffic coming from the side, due to it's specifically designed side cut outs. Both Front and Rear lights are USB rechargeable and feature different light modes to suit your cycling needs.

For well-lit areas, Entity offers the LS15 Safety light. When you need power, the Entity HL45 has you covered with 400 lumens. If you're just looking at being seen, check the Entity RL30 rear light that can also be paired with the HL45.

Entity Cycling Lights


Water Bottle Cages

Keeping your body hydrated whilst riding not only improves performance but also your focus and reaction time. The Entity BC15 Alloy bottle cage features 6mm tubular alloy construction and universal bottle holder mounts, ensuring that regardless what bike brand you ride, it will always fit perfectly. Alloy bottle cages are super sturdy and lightweight, whilst their minimalistic design makes your bike look great.

For Road Cyclists, the Entity BC30 saves precious weight from your bike.


Entity Water Bottle Cage


Entity Cycling Helmet range was engineered to not only meet the Australian Standards of cycling safety but to exceed what are the toughest cycling helmet standards in the world. The Entity CH15 Recreational Helmet combines key safety features with lightweight materials designed to maximise airflow. Available in 3 colours and 2 sizes, the Entity CH15 is a helmet you want to take with you on your next bike ride.

For mountain bikers, the Entity MH15 offers a wider coverage, whilst road cyclists will appreciate the lightweight of the Entity RH15 road helmet. If you prefer the retro look, the Entity SH15 might be your new favourite lid. Young bike riders were not forgotten with a specially designed kids range of helmets, the Entity KH15.

Entity Helmets



Your hands have a huge role in controlling the bike and guaranteeing your safety. The Entity MG15 & RG15 Cycling Gloves were designed using advanced 3D mapping to find out where the major pressure points were located when you grab the handlebars. Contrary to other brands where padding is added to areas where pressure builds up and results in numb fingers, Entity's aim is to distribute that pressure equally throughout your hand, reducing pressure points and essentially cancelling finger numbness altogether.

For Short Finger Gloves, check the Entity RG15. Long Finger Gloves, see Entity MG15.

Entity Gloves


Bicycle Locks

Entity's Bicycle Locks were designed to protect your bike and give you peace of mind when you need to run down to the shops or park your bike outside overnight. The Entity CL30 Combination Lock self-coils itself into a compact spiral that nearly goes unnoticed on your bike but then stretches to a very versatile 1.80metres. It features a combination pad with 10.000 possible combinations and 12 mm diameter PVC covered coil.

If you're looking for a more basic lock, the Entity KL15 offers great protection and is super light to carry around with you.

Entity Bike Lock

Bicycle Repairs

When disaster strikes, you want to be ready to deal with most mechanical problems whilst away from home. The Entity MT15 Multi-Tool was designed to have your back on the most common mechanical issues you may encounter on your bike ride. Featuring 12 functions, including a chain breaker and emergency tyre lever, the MT15 Multi-Tool covers all major bolts and mechanical issues on a modern bike, whilst its alloy body and Cr-V construction keep it light and rust resistant.

To repair any flat tyres, the Entity RK15 is an easy solution, whilst the Entity SB15 saddle bag will carry all of these tools and a spare tube if you wish.

Entity Multi-Tool, Repair Kit and Saddle Bag





Entity - Designed in Australia - Ridden Everywhere



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