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The Polygon Path: Perfect for Fast Commuting and Fitness Riding

The Polygon Path - perfect for fast commuting and fitness riding    

The Polygon Path range of bikes is missing the suspension fork. The Path has more of a nod to road bikes than the mountain bikes in its heritage. You do though get the more relaxed hybrid geometry, and a nice upright position rather than the low stretched out position of a roadie.

In place of a suspension fork, you’ll find a rigid aluminium fork on all models. What this does is give you less parts to worry about the maintenance of, and you’ll also be faster. The reason for this is that when you pedal a bike with suspension, you have to overcome the suspension bob which consumes part of your energy. On a fully rigid fork, all your pedalling efforts translate into forward momentum. Lastly, having a rigid fork reduces the overall weight of the bike, making you faster up the hill.

The next difference is the tyres. The Path comes with tyres that are more focused towards road riding. They have smaller knobs and faster central patterns. The lower rolling resistance of these tyres will make riding along the road much quicker; the counterpoint is that they’ll offer less grip offroad.


Polygon Path 2


The Path is a great way to get into road cycling if you don’t like the look of drop bars, don’t worry many people don’t like drop bars. You can build your fitness up riding the Path and once your confident and fitter you can decide if you want to give a full-blooded road bike a chance.


Polygon Path 3


What type of commuter are you?


If you’re looking for a commuter to get to work and want to get home fast, and who can blame you, then the Path is the bike to pick. If you think you might like to ride home and explore down little lanes and offroad paths, then the Heist range is for you.

That’s it in a nutshell, as spec wise you’ll be able to find a model in each range that suits you and your budget. They are both great hybrid bikes but getting the correct one depends on what you want to ride.

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