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27.5" Mountain
27.5" Mountain

27.5-inch mountain bikes are playful, agile and ready to bring fun to your next ride.

27.5" Mountain Mountain Bikes

If you're looking for a mountain bike that will serve you in an array of conditions, look no further than a 27.5" mountain bike. Mountain bikes with 27.5-inch wheels are often described as poppy, playful and agile. Instead of ploughing through terrain like a 29er, 27.5” wheeled bikes are usually at home jumping over the rough terrain and darting through tight technical trails.

Ideal Rider. Riders who like to jump, pop and play though the rough stuff will love 27.5-inch wheels. Due to their smaller diameter they accelerate from a stop much faster and turn with ease. The smaller wheels also love to be in the air, so if you like to hop around, these wheels are for you.

Ideal terrain. The 27.5-inch wheels are good on bumpy and rough terrain but they like to be lifted and pumped through the terrain. Smaller wheels also turn easily and will benefit riders who like to square off the corners or ride tight technical terrain. 27.5-inch wheels also pump through rollers and smoother terrain a lot more effectively.

What Does This Number Even Mean? ‘27.5’ relates to the diameter of the wheels; they are slightly smaller than their 29-inch counterparts and therefore have different ride characteristics. Wheel size was initially not an important feature for mountain bikers – in the beginning, all-mountain bikes came with standard wheels of 26". But things have changed over the years, and there are now two sizes that dominate the field: 29er mountain bikes, followed by 27.5-inch mountain bikes, also known as 650b.

Which wheel size is right for you depends mostly on what you want to get from a mountain bike, how you ride, and the type of terrain you usually ride on (or want to ride on in the future).

To decide whether a 27.5” mountain bike is the right choice for you, consider:

Acceleration. Thanks to the smaller wheel diameter and lighter weight, 27.5 mountain bikes accelerate faster. Acceleration is often thought to be one of the biggest benefits of a 27.5" wheel. Faster accelerating wheels allow for a responsive feel of the bike, which is something many riders prefer. The smaller wheels also react to pumping through terrain by rewarding you with speed. If you are looking for something responsive when you put the power down or generate speed as you pump through the terrain, 27.5-inch wheels are for you.

Traction. 27.5-inch wheels came about because riders wanted the traction of 29ers while retaining the agility and playfulness of 26-inch wheels. While 27.5” wheels don't provide as much traction as 29-inche wheels, they provide more than the 26-inch wheels of the past. The extra traction, partnered with the agility of 27.5”, creates a bike that can change direction quickly and easily with confidence.

Weight. Naturally, larger wheels require more wheel material and more rubber, so 27.5 wheels can be significantly lighter than 29ers—less weight results in a bike that can be picked up and thrown around easier. Smaller riders can also benefit from these qualities because they may find it difficult to maneuver on the bigger wheels. If you want a bike, you can easily jump, whip around, and handle, then 27.5 is a great option.

Attack Angle. The attack angle is the angle formed between a wheel and a square object. The shallower this angle, the better because the wheels will roll more easily over any obstacle. 27.5-inch mountain bikes don't roll over sharp obstacles easily as 29ers, but they prefer to be jumped and ridden lightly over rough terrain. 27.5” wheels require more rider input as things get rough. If you are a rider who picks smooth lines and is not afraid to jump through rough terrain, 27.5” is for you.

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