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Introducing the New

Siskiu d24



The Siskiu D24 series are small bikes that pack a big punch for children who are pushing their boundaries. Carved from the same stone as their bigger siblings, the Siskiu T series, the D24 series is agile, capable and ready to take your child's riding to the next level.




1x Gear System

1x drive trains are preferred on mountain bikes at all levels, thanks to their simplicity and reliability. Removing the front derailleur and extra gears have removed any additional issues that may arise.

Along with the problems and extra fuss, 1X drivetrains have also removed any confusion. Instead of multiple shifters operating an excessive amount of gears, there is now one shifter. With high-quality trigger shifters replacing tough grip shifters, shifting gears has never been this easy.

Tough as Hell Tyres with Bonus Traction

No one likes having their ride ended by a flat tyre. The Vee Flow Snap Tyres are designed to take all the punishment thrown at them. Thicker sidewalls constructed from added layers of protection prevent rocks or sharper objects from tearing through the tyre.

The bigger 2.4-inch tyre width also add more grip, more comfort and extra confidence through the rough stuff. A bigger tyre will also require less pressure, so your child won't be bouncing all over the trail.

In addition to the larger contact patch, the Vee Snap tyres have a soft compound rubber that wants to stick to the ground. These tyres will boost your child's confidence like no other. The D24X is also tubeless compatible. Click here to learn more.

Stiff, Light, and Tough

With thru-axles at both ends, high-quality bearings in pivots the hydroformed alloy frame, the D24s are built to ride fast and hard. Even though it is a bike ready for a brawl, it is still light and agile enough to make those technical climbs a breeze.

Thanks to hydroforming, Polygon can create unique bends and tune the thickness of the metal. This means you won't have a frame that weighs a tonne because there is no excess mass where it isn't needed. Hydroforming is also what makes the frame look so damn good!

Wide Range Cassette and Clutch Derailleur

To work well with one gear upfront and provide your child with the best gear for any situation, the wide range cassette will always have the correct gear. Even though the bikes in the D24 series only have one gear upfront, the spread of gears is still wide. This leads to more simplicity and less confusion with no compromise.

Thanks to the stiffer clutch rear derailleur, there is no clunking or rattling from the drivetrain. This also provides amazing chain retention, so no need for clunky front guides.

Safe and Powerful Disc Brakes

Tektro disc brakes provide tonnes of power, supreme modulation and minimal fuss. With levers specifically designed for small hands, they are easy to reach. The rider may need to pull up quickly to get out of a sticky situation in those moments. The Tektros have your children's back. Low maintenance and easy serviceability mean you can spend more time riding and less time worrying about your safety.

Adjustable Air Sprung Suspension

Air Sprung Suspension is adjustable to your child's weight, so as they grow, the bike will perform perfectly throughout the years.

Thanks to 15mm thru-axle and 32mm stanchions, the fork's stiffness will hold your line and change direction accurately. The air spring is predictable and tuneable so there will be no uncontrollable movements upfront. Thanks to the lockout function, you can stiffen the fork when your child is powering uphill and reduce unwanted fork bob.

The forks on the D24 are also able to accept 26-inch wheels. This means as your child grows and starts to ride faster, with the simple change of a front wheel, the bike is ready for more.

Custom Tuned Suspension

Polygon understands that while the riders on the D24 have big dreams, they are still smaller in stature. Because the riders are smaller and lighter, they need custom-tuned suspension to work correctly. The D24's rear shock and forks have got a softer tune so that they will work effectively as your child pushes the limits on the trails.

Internal Cable Routing

Internal cable routing isn't just there to make a bike look nicer. It protects the cables from any excessive mud, dirt or damage that may happen in a crash. You will not have to change or maintain the cables as much as in the past.

Internal cables are also hidden from prying inquisitive hands or branches that want to grab the cables—leading to a safer bike whether riding or not.



Siskiu D24


Siskiu D24X



Suntour Raidon 32, Air Spring, 120mm Travel

X-Fusion Velvet 26", Air Spring, 120mm Travel

Rear Shock

Suntour Raidon R, Air Spring

X-Fusion O2 Pro, Air Spring


Microshift Acolyte 1x8-speed, 12-42T

Shimano Deore 1x10-speed, 11-46T


Tektro Mechanical Disc, Short Lever Reach

Tektro Hydraulic Disc, Short Lever Reach


Vee Tire Flow Snap 24x2.4", Tackee Compound, Wire Bead

Vee Tire Flow Snap 24x2.4", Tackee Compound, Tubeless-Ready


Entity X15 Disc, 24mm, Tubeless Tape Installed, 15x100 / 12x142mm

Entity X15 Disc, 24mm, Tubeless Tape Installed, 15x100 / 12x142mm