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BicyclesOnline is now BikesOnline

Because sometimes less is more

Let’s start with something every cyclist knows. Bikes are so much more than just bikes, they unleash our alter ego, bring us together, open up a world of adventure, and enrich our lives both physically and mentally. We can all remember the day we received our first bike; we can still see that unblemished frame, before this epic journey (some would say obsession) began. Just like that first wobbly pedal stroke, we are strapping on our helmets, and pushing into the future with a shiny new name, BikesOnline, because who even says ‘Bicycles’ anymore?

In fact, according to recent search engine statistics, 101,800 people searched the term ‘bicycles’ within the last week, and that’s just Australia! As a direct to consumer business, we’re all about cutting out the fat, and because ‘bikes’ is a lot more direct than ‘bicycles’, we’d rather save your time & effort for cycling, instead of typing away at a keyboard. Admit it, BikesOnline flows better - giving you more speed to just send it.

Apart from the new, efficient, weight-saving name, we are still the same passionate team with the same shared mission - helping you ride more for less. Thank you for riding with us, let’s keep that stoke level high!

The real story: BicyclesOnline becomes BikesOnline

When Jono and I first started BicyclesOnline, little did we realise the impression we would make on the Australian market, let alone the global market. With that being said, even 11 years ago, good local domain names were difficult to come by. We knew that it was important for our Australian market to have the local ‘’ domain name and began searching for options. We very fortuitously found a lovely gentleman from Perth, who had owned but wasn't using it and was tired of paying the renewal fee. We purchased it from him for $300 - it actually cost more in transfer fees than the actual domain name itself!

Fast forward to 2019, and the opportunity to open the business in the US market appeared. Domain names were a lot more difficult to come by, and we were struggling for options - especially with the need to find a global ‘.com’ address. Getting in touch with the domain name owners was difficult and we used some pretty creative methods - we tried emailing, using a broker, calling, even sending wine and flowers - everything we could to at least get in touch. Most of the time we didn't even get a response; although, there were a few opportunistic sellers wanting huge amounts or in one case, a gentleman offered it to us for 10% of the business!

With another stroke of luck, we actually had someone who owned approach us. He was a former bike retailer turned ecommerce coach and simply didn't need the domain. So that was that and it was settled for $1000 and a case of beer!

Now as we grow the brand, it's important to have consistency across markets. As we own the global address, it makes sense for us to go with it. The end result is that the Australian address is becoming Bikes is a simpler and more popular term - saving people having to remember how to spell bicycle too. Don't worry, we will have a redirect for those who still want to use the original address but if you notice the branding change, you will know why.



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